Hate having weeds in your garden? Here’s how cardboard can protect your garden


If you’re struggling with weeds in your backyard, you’ve probably looked up and found nearly a million different ways to deal with them. If you think that you’re just stuck with these weeds, think again. There’s a new trend that’s been blowing up online and for good reason: cardboard gardening.

If you’ve never heard of cardboard gardening before, you’re not alone. Essentially, you’re putting down a decomposable shield between your garden and the actual soil of your backyard. Some weeds, even after being uproots or killed, can grow back thanks to leftover roots in the soil or other neighboring weeds. Cardboard gardening stifles the weeds while still allowing the plants you want to flourish.

Another great reason to cardboard garden is if you find yourself lacking garden space due to an oversized lawn. If you don’t want to tear out your garden, try just cardboard gardening right over it!

Let’s break it down.

1. Start with a thin layer of newspaper.

Now’s the time to dig into that pile of leftover newspaper you have gathering dust in your garage. Once you’ve cleared out the area that you want to cardboard, put down some newspapers first. These will help soak up water and create a primary barrier between your garden and the soil.

You’ll want to fold out each newspaper and layer about 5-10 pages per square foot. Make sure no area is too thin or too thick, as this will make the next step much more difficult.

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