GardenTags Takes The Fear Factor Out Of Gardening

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The UK's quickest growing social gardening platform, GardenTags, has a mission to take the fear out of gardening and turn it into the joy of growing.

It has been found that there may be a missing generation of gardeners, as some parents neglected to teach their children about growing plants and vegetables. The GardenTags team want to inspire this generation of 25 to 40 year olds to get outside and grow.

The desire for this missing generation seems to be growing for gardening however, especially in urban areas.  It has also been found that 40% of the 70,000 GardenTags members express an interest in urban growing this represents a significant opportunity to connect with UK urban growers.

Many young couples in the UK may have just bought their new house and are excited about growing their own vegetable and flowers In their new gardens, but simply do not know what to do and could feel silly asking at garden centres.  So with the GardenTags app this allows them to connect with other gardeners, from budding novices to expert botanists and everyone in between in an easy, comfortable way and to share knowledge of plants and gardening techniques.  And it's working, with 68% of users having more gardening knowledge as a result of using the app!

But how does GardenTags work?

It's simple! 

  • Download the app here
  • Keep a photographic record of your entire plant collection and garden in one place so you can see how it has grown over the weeks, months and years
  • Tag your plants and take care of them using our community generated plant encyclopedia and plant care task list
  • Get planting inspiration and advice from 10,000's fellow gardeners. Let them help you identify unknown plants in your garden
  • Show off! We hope your gardening prowess improves and you'll share your planting success by taking more photos and uploading them to GardenTags. 
  • Watch our video here which will explain how to take the fear out of gardening

Launched in the UK in 2016 GardenTags is now the global social platform and garden management app exclusively for gardeners. The inclusive community is for budding novices through to expert botanists.  The growing community is encouraging more people into gardening with 63% of users enjoying gardening more as a result. Our members share photos and offer advice and inspiration to others which builds on our purpose to turn gardening fear into growing joy (see our explainer horror movie here: ). Members also get regular automated care reminders to help them manage garden tasks. Some facts:

  • 100k+ downloads in 6 months
  • Over 40% users expressed an interest in urban growing
  • 1,000,000+ user comments and advice
  • 300,000 garden and plant photos shared
  • 14,000+ plants in the encyclopedia

We believe strongly in the power of the community - we give less experienced gardeners a helping hand when they join by recommending expert gardeners to them that we know love to share tips and advice. Over time these novice gardeners become expert gardeners themselves and help the next generation out. It’s a virtuous growing circle!
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