Are European news media trying to incite a civil war in USA?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

truth-hate-speechIn the United States – so writes the German magazine Der Spiegel – people are faced with a dilemma: either to conform or to resist.

Dear Spiegel: the Unites States and the people have not been occupied by a foreign power, not by China, nor by Russia, nor by aliens from outer space. The American people have elected a new President, that is all. That he was not your choice, nor that of the European establishment and elite, may be the case, but that is also irrelevant. There is no question of either conformation or resistance, but the simple acceptance of the will of the US voters and the voters chose that man to be their President, at least for the next four years, and the Electoral College did so according to the Constitution of the country.

You are doing a very good job, I have to say, for the neoliberal establishment here in Europe and in the USA too, almost if not actually, calling on those that run about with the “not my President” attitude to rise up and resist. In fact what you are doing with such what you, more than likely, perceive as quality journalism, but which it is not, is incitement to civil war.

I know it worked so well in the Ukraine, in Egypt, in Libya, and in Syria, didn't it, to create failed states which can then be taken over by the neoliberal elite in Europe and elsewhere with one particular person and his organizations in the forefront. The Russian Federation took the right steps to ban that person and his organizations as enemies of the state.

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