Neo-liberalism vs. neo-conservatism

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

While they are two different names in essence they are the same side of the same coin

Neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism are basically one and the same and are fascist, as in the true meaning of fascism, and that to the very core. In the United States they are called neo-conservatives, or neo-cons, while neo-liberals is the term that is used in Europe and elsewhere. Both are one and the same and their aims are the same.

Neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism are the enemy of democracy even though the proponents of this system vehemently claim the opposite, that is to say that the system is the height of democracy. They are the new and true fascism and it has nothing to do with the old and new Nazis. Fascism in its true sense means total rule by the state, and by oligarchs and corporations, and thus oppression of all but a select elite.

But, wherever we look today, whether the European Union, which claims to be a bulwark for peace and democracy, and almost all so-celled free and democratic countries and government, neo-liberalism and its partner neo-conservatism have infiltrated and undermined what may have, once upon a time, a long time ago, some kind of democratic institutions.

When it comes to neo-liberalism many people seem to think it is a new liberalism, as in, well liberalism and the old Liberal Party, the Whigs, of the British government and political scene many decades hence, almost a century and more. But the suffix liberal, much like the suffix conservative in the USA, to the prefix neo, makes people believe it to be a good thing and something that favors small government and freedom and all that for the people. That shows how misleading labels can be.

Those two neos, as already said, are in fact the face of the same coin, and equal nothing but pure fascism as its true meaning is, namely total stale control of everything in everyone's life and affairs. It is, when they are going to properly get going with it, and they are working on it very hard, a total dictatorship by an elite and corporations. Man and Planet will not longer count in their equation and that is the reason why we must resist this with every possible means.

However, in order to do that we first must recognize the machinations and thus their agents and today there is barely, if at all, one political party or such that has not been infiltrated by the agents of this construct and many in, say, working class parties do not even realize this infiltration and the way those people have undermined what the parties actually stand and stood for.

In Britain that can be equally seen in the Labour Party as well as the Green Party, the latter which wants to make itself to appear more left and for the working class than does Labour in this day and age. The latter is nowadays nothing but a neo-liberal creature and does not in the least have the plight and the interests working people in mind and at heart. Not is it by any stretch of one's imagination any longer a party of and for the biosphere, what used to be referred to as “environment”, and about the Green Party in Germany we so not even want to talk, and neither about Die Linke.

The European Union, as an example, is about as democratic as was the German Empire under the Kaiser and for the good of the working class, namely not at all. Neo-liberalism is the new fascism and the new feudalism in which, as in the case of the EU, the member states are to be regions with the national governments no longer being governments but a governor with his cabinet, the former appointed by Brussels, and an all European (federal) government the parliament of which being a rubber-stamping body and the president and ministers appointed by another set of unelected elites. But then, that is how neo-liberalism and it's brother neo-conservatism operate.

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