Who are the real terrorists?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The specter of terrorism has been played out in front of our eyes for the last G-d only knows how many decades and first, in the UK, it was the IRA and now it is Islamist terrorists, supposedly. But how dangerous are those really?

53728Yes, there have been a fair number of deaths from IRA attacks throughout the decades of the troubles in Ulster and before. Still today some people suffer injuries and death despite the supposed ceasefire on both side of the sectarian divide. However, it is relatively calm compared to what it was like. Too calm, it would appear for our governments so that they had to invent, yes, invent, Islamist terrorists which, after all, the West created by supporting the warlords in Afghanistan against the Soviets during the Cold War and thus the Taliban were born.

Neither of those are the real terrorists that threaten us all and our very existence. The real terrorists are those conducting the slow murder of the land & communities in the name of profit and progress.

The corporations that bleed the Earth of Her resources in the pursuit of profit and ever more of it and exploit people, known nowadays as “human resources”, in the same way.

Entire ecosystems are being destroyed, water in rivers, lakes and the seas polluted, fish stocks of the oceans destroyed, air is being made unbreathable by pollution from factories and power stations, etc., and all so that the corporations can reap more and more profits. You cannot eat money.

In the last couple of hundred years, but worse still, in the last century, we have lost more plants and animals than in the entire history of humans on this Planet. And still we continue to pursue a constant growth economy on a finite Planet with finite non-renewable resources in a way as if those resources would all be renewable.

Some supposedly Christian groups, predominately in the USA, seriously believe that the oil, gas, and other such fossil fuels and minerals, as they we, so their argument, were put in the ground by G-d for us to use, would be replenished by G-d for all eternity and thus, they believe, we can continue to grow our economies as we wish. G-d will simply make more oil and gas and coal and gold and silver, etc. for us. They will not accept that most of those fossil fuels and minerals have all but been used up and there is no renewal of those by miraculous means.

They also never have read, it would appear, that particular passage in their Holy Scripture that says that G-d made man a caretaker of the Earth. A caretaker, folks, not a ravager. Man is to look after the Creation, after the Earth and care for Her, nurture Her, just as a farmer looks after his fields and animals, not destroy everything in the name of profit. Destruction if the work of the other side, the evil one.

The corporations today, and the governments that are lock, stock and barrel in their pockets, are the true terrorists of this world for the destruction that they wreak affects us all and, if it is not stopped, will destroy us all.

Monsanto and others play G-d in altering the gene sequence of plants (and animals) in a way that no one knows how it will affect all of us in the end. They, however, have the governments, including the unelected EU leadership, in their pay so that food control can be organized even in that seeds that Nature has given us will be illegal to be planted and only seeds that are approved by the people in the pockets of those that have bred those seeds can be planted, even in private gardens and on people's allotments.

The real terrorists are not the IRA, ETA, Al Qaida, Boko Haram, or whatever the names may be. The real terrorists of this world are the large multinational corporations and our very governments.

© 2013