Government: It's all about control

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Government is all about control and absolutely nothing else regardless what we are being told.

bigbrotherA free people do not need to have anyone lord it over them, no king and not government, however democratic it claims to be.

Democracy is but an illusion to keep the masses quiet and does not and cannot work with groups larger than 150 individuals. The monks of old learned that and that was why, when that number was being reached, they sent out groups of monks to form sister monasteries and abbeys.

The so-called people's representatives, the elected ones, are about as much representatives of the people as Monsanto is a charity and the knight in shining armor protecting us from pesticides.

A free people, theoretically, can do as they wish as long as they do not infringe on the liberty of others and harm others. However, find me a country, a place, where this is the case. Everywhere government of one kind or another tells the people what they can do and what they cannot do and for most activities the people require a permit – against payment – from said governments.

You have hens and want to sell eggs to your neighbors. Can you, legally? No! You need a government license to do so and that license will cost you money and government interference.

The same goes for growing produce in your garden or allotment and wishing to sell surplus. You cannot do so, legally, without a paid-for government permit.

You need a government permit, called a driver's license, to drive a car and another license to actually run the car on the road. And the same goes for motorbikes. You need a license to get married, you need to have your birth registered or you cannot leave the country and reenter it; that is to say you cannot get a passport without this piece of government paper.

If you have children they can be taken away from you if you do not raise them as the government tell you to and do not send them to school (in many places).

In order to – legally – get a job in the great majority of the countries, even so-called democratic ones, and especially in those, you need a government number, the social security number, and that is almost not possible to get without the aforementioned birth certificate. And the same goes for a bank account and many more things.

Even if you have committed no crime, are not even in the slightest a terrorist, the government is more than likely to spy on you and your every move, and even more so if you express dissident thoughts or read books that they may consider “bad” or visit websites your government does not like.

There is an old saying that the enemy at the gate we do not have to be afraid of as we know them but the enemy within we have to watch and the enemy within are, predominately, our own governments.

As far as the governments are today concerned all citizens are potential criminals and terrorists and are guilty until and unless they, the people, can prove themselves innocent, and even then the control will continue.

Those who think that they are free think again... and I have only touched upon a small amount of government control here.

We do not need a new government; we need a new system without government. A new true system where men are truly free...

© 2013