When love died in the world

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

When love died in the world men became evil and wars and all manner of problems ensued and it is thus still today.

adaptingEdenCoverIn her book “Adapting Eden” author Victoria Foyt makes a comparison to this effect several times and, I must say, she hits the nail right firmly and squarely on the head.

Love, as in agape, and compassion have been going out of the window for several centuries, if not much, much longer, already but this move found its peak in the last century, especially from the Thatcher era onwards, but not just in the UK, and is getting worse by the day, in the general population at least.

The god of war, whatever name he is given in whichever mythology, wins over the goddess of love and the world enters and abyss and this happened time and again but also the goddess of love, at times, almost triumphed again and people got on again for a while.

There is, and we all know this and can see this, a battle going on between good and evil, in us and in the world as a whole, and a Native American proverb illustrates this when the grandfather tells his grandson the story of the two wolves doing battle within. Which one wins, asks the boy. The one you feed, replies the old man.

Evil can only win if and when we feed it, when we give in to fear, hate and xenophobia, amongst others, and such lead to hate against individuals and groups of people and even nations and pogroms and wars ensue.

For evil to succeed all that is required is for good men (and women) to do nothing and far too many people, good people even, do nothing because the think that it is none of their business and that they must not interfere. There were thousands like that in Nazi Germany and we all know what it brought us.

When certain groups people are made into scapegoats for ills in society, such as, for instance, unemployment, such as Gypsies, immigrants, rather than the capitalist fat cats exploiters, by the media and the governments, and good people stand by and do nothing then evil wins and the results are a perpetuation of chaos. But the powers-that-be like it when we all fight each other in this way as we then do not have time to fight against the injustices created by them.

The lack of love and empathy to our fellow man and to the environment and Mother Earth has also set man on the path of self-destruction for, in fighting Nature we are fighting ourselves. Working with Her, on the other hand, will bring balance to the world and all the Earth's children, human or other.

We need to change and bring love back into the world but in order to do that we have to first learn to love ourselves. One cannot love one's fellow man unless one loves oneself.

© 2013