Use shredded papers as packaging material

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

While it is true that the paper could also be taken to be recycled in to new paper, whether shredded or not, or, shredded, even added into the composter, the problem is that some paper is coated with a very fine film of plastic, probable some kind of polycarbonate which is nigh on unnoticeable and you can even write one that coat with a pen (in most cases ate least), this plastic remains behind in a composter in the form on small strips of plastic tape. For recycling into new also, therefore, such coated paper is unusable, as the laminate and the paper cannot be separated.

However, instead of disposing of your paper shreds, especially those that cannot be recycled in any other way – reasons given above – why not use them as packaging material in the next package you have to send. Those paper shreds work as perfectly well as insulation/protection for anything fragile you may be sending, much like the old wood shavings that used to be used when sending something fragile. That is before the advent of the polystyrene beans. Such shredded paper also works well in “haybox cookery” in lieu of hay or wood shavings.

This, as far as packaging is concerned not only helps the environment by keeping the shredded stuff that cannot be recycled (see reasons) out of the landfill (at least for some time) but also helps the budget as not packaging material is required to be bought.

When sending a package with anything thus securely wrapped enclose a note to the recipient as to why the shredded paper and encourage the other side to retain the shredded material for any stuff that they may need to package securely and safely.

© M Smith (Veshengro), July 2008