On your bike!

Winter may have descended but it’s never too cold to get your bike out of the shed and enjoy...

Not only is cycling a great way to reduce your impact on the environment, its also a fantastic way to improve your health and even your concentration at work or at school. And the great scenery that you miss out on whilst driving is easy to make the most of when cycling or walking. When it comes down to it however, there can be quite a few barriers standing in the way of making your journey to work by bike.

The weather is one factor that stops many people from using their bicycle in winter. Worried about the rain? The cold? Get the right base layers and waterproof clothing to keep you warm and dry. Get Rainlegs(TM) (see review) to prevent wet upper legs while cycling, the cause of the greatest discomfort.

But the more physical barriers of busy dual carriageways blocking your route or no direct links from train stations to your place of work can be even worse...

A major project which has been proposed by Sustrans, the UK’s sustainable transport charity, will go a long way to addressing these issues and making it easier for you to get on your bike.

The Connect2 project was in the final shortlist to receive £50 million of lottery funding in order to drastically improve local travel in 79 communities across the UK and according to news sources they have won this award.

They’ve estimated that over 6 million people live within a mile of the proposed schemes to build walking and cycling bridges and tunnels to improve links within communities, make journeys quicker and easier and help get more people walking and cycling in the UK and an estimated 79,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year could be saved.