Funding for Tyre Recycling

A grant of more than £130,000 (over $ 250,000) has been pumped – pardon the pun – into a London-based tyre recycling facility in order to boost the disposal of used tyres in Britain.

The Enhance Capital Fund, which is the support service for green enterprises in London, announced the grant to London Tyre Recycling in the middle of December 2007.

The money will be used for equipment to shred tyres and reprocess them into rubber chips that can be used to manufacture new products such as artificial sports surfaces, landscaping and mulches.

Every day more than 131,00 worn tyres are taken off cars, vans and trucks in the UK adding up to more than 48m tyres per year. The EU Landfill Directive bans most of these from being sent to landfill.

Aside from the above products tyres can be recycled into items that you and I can use at home and in the office; the coasters and especially the mouse mats made from recycled tyres are absolutely brilliant, and that for both the old-style roller mouse and the optical version.

Coasters and mouse mats, made from recycled tyres can be gotten from a number of sources, Banner Business Supplies amongst them.

Personally, I am sure that tyre could also be recycled into car mats for the foot well and into door mats, especially for use outside the door, whether front or back.

Come on folks! Get your thinking caps on. The stuff is too good a resource to be just shredded into chips and used in landscaping and such.

Michael Smith (Veshengro), December 2007