Theresa May's Christian values

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

331272e9d5d88ff297a4e962dc1e0d80If those are Christian values then please give me an atheist any day. Each and every time that she talks about it or it is being mentioned I would like to barf, pardon me.

We all know that the Tories would like to introduce Victorian values to the country by which they actually mean to get Britain back to the Victorian age (or maybe even further back to serious feudal times) and maybe it is those kind of “Christian values” that she is talking about where the workers doff their caps to their, by G-d appointed (and anointed), betters.

A most valid statement was made by Father James Martin (SJ) on this subject when he said: “I will never understand how politicians who call themselves Christian can read the Gospels and treat the poor and sick like dirt.” And I, for one, cannot understand that either.

Theresa May always makes such an issue of the fact that she is the daughter of a vicar but, alas, the teachings that she received (as a child) seem to be somewhat – and the somewhat is something of an understatement – at odds with those of the Gospels.

So far I have not encountered a single Tory politician who had any true Christian values for no one who believes in the teachings of the Gospels could ever treat the poor, the sick, the disabled, the children and old people, in the way that they do.

I have seen more Christian values among atheists and communists, who do not believe in (a) G-d, than in all of the Tory politicians combined. They would not know what Christian values are even if those should bite them in the proverbial and Theresa May definitely would not recognize them.

She has no more Christian values than does a stone. Then again that could be unkind towards a stone. Instead of a heart it would appear she and her colleagues have a lump of Krupp steel, made of heavy armor gauge. It can't be British steel as the Tories have made sure that out factories got closed as the country was going to be a financial and service sector “center” only.

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