The Tories and the British People

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

18301185_457003687969748_1515353862462350840_nNever ever has a Tory government in Britain benefited the people with, possibly, one single exception and that was the victory in the Second World War but even that is questionable. Churchill certainly was not the benevolent Daddy he is often made out to have been.

The only ones that always and ever benefit from a Tory government in Britain were and are the rich and the aristocracy. The working class and the poor have always been the victims and still are. The Tories will never, whatever say may claim, have the working class at heart.

The majority of the British people will never benefit from a Tory government in the country, and that is regardless of the fact that some, even working class, could become homeowners due to the fact that Thatcher ordered the councils to sell off their housing stock, and here especially, originally, to sitting tenants.

This sell off of council housing is what led us to the problem that we have today with the so-called housing crisis in Britain, though, in fact, we don't really have a housing crisis but an empty homes crisis. And an empty property crisis, in the latter case of properties that could become homes.

Under Thatcher the wholesale sell off of all state assets began, and not just housing stock. Utilities, railways and public transport, telecommunications and everything else, bar, at that time, the Royal Mail, was “privatized”, that is to say the assets that we created by taxpayer money, and thus are owned by the people, were sold off to capitalists, mostly Tory backers and/or foreign entities, as in the case of the utilities.

The buzzword was “creating competition” which would benefit the consumer. Yes, sure, we saw how it benefited the consumer through every increasing prices and fares. Now, under Theresa May, they have almost succeeded to sell off the National Health Service (NHS), which even Thatcher shied away from.

Even those of the middle class are headed toward the precariat, in many cases, but still they, and even many, far too many, of the working class, back the Tories and vote for them believing – why beats me – that they may have a change of heart and really will do what they say and work for all the people, especially the poor. Yes, sure they will; the day that pigs fly and the one particular place freezes over. But certainly not before that time.

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