'The Moveable Feast Garden' – Let's Roll With It Baby!

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Bringing a touch of portable gardening to the brand new RHS Chatsworth House Flower Show

Tanya Batkin's 'Moveable Feast Garden', which will be on display at the RHS Chatsworth House Flower Show in June, will be showcasing the best in fruits, plants and well...wheels!

ac74d581-398b-4981-b500-1b91e64da39fThis garden will provide all the knowledge that 'generation renters' will need to produce edibles for seasonal recipes, a beautiful outside area to simply enjoy and all safe in the knowledge that even if they move property, they will be able to simply take their garden with them!

A stunning array of flowering plants, including Anemones, Brunnera and Geraniums will be provided by Hawkesmill Nurseries, and edibles such as DeliDahlias and Tiger Nuts will be supplied by Lubera.

'69ff7638-52d3-49ac-9253-283c1ca69529The Moveable Feast Garden' can be specifically reconfigured for moving and adapting to a new area. Natural materials such as the wood fencing which will be supplied by Zest For Leisure and the stone which has been supplied by Digby Stone, can be updated with paint finishes and semi permanent transfer colour, to ensure your garden keeps up with your fashion desires.

In keeping with the natural feel of the garden design, the shed and pergola will be topped with a green roof from Green Roofs Direct. 'The Moveable Feast Garden' planters will be handmade with wood from Gibbs & Dandy and the wheels ....finally lets talk about wheels, because every 'Moveable Feast Garden's' gotta have 'em and the bright blue beauties, which will be attached to the specially designed planters, have come from Castors Online.

So let the good times (and our garden) roll baby.

Tanya is the director of Vergette Ltd, Garden Design. Vergette Ltd – Garden Design can be found on the border of Hereford and Worcester in the fabulous Teme Valley. She design gardens in and around the UK as well as Internationally.

So, here ends the text from the press release. Now let's talk tacheles about this.

The problem, as with so many of the RHS show gardens, is, once again also with this one, that anyone wishing to replicate one would have to take out a second or third mortgage. We can see this once again with regards to the winning garden at the 2017 RHS Chelsea Flower Show; a garden that now one could financially be able to reproduce and, to be honest, I also don't think anyone would want to.

As to the “moveable feast garden on the other hand, if one does not want to be that ambitious and totally replicate a garden such as this then it can be done “on the cheap” without a problem though maybe not looking as beautiful but nevertheless, and that's what counts also and especially, functional.

Castors, of the right kind, can be put on (almost) any container and even shopping carts can be used for a moveable vegetable garden. And, while the latter definitely don't look very beautiful they make a statement of a different kind. No, they don't scream I am a cheapskate but more like “here is someone who cares about the environment and thinks laterally”.

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