Poundland's Charlie Dimmock Tool Bag – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

175215Part of the new and exclusive beautiful garden range, the tool bag (not tool belt as the website refers to it, erroneously) is a useful accessory to carry and store you essentials whilst in the garden.

So, OK, it's a tool bag and what and how much can one say about a tool bag and yes, like (almost?) everything at Poundland, it is just one British Pound.

Well, whatever, let's get down to some details about this bag, such as materials and such.

The bag is made from – what in my opinion is – a medium weight Hessian (known as Burlap in the USA), coated with a plastic kind of material. I assume to make it wipe-able when it becomes soiled on the inside due to dirt on tools.

On the front of it are three pockets sewn on that are a cotton material, though this could be canvass, that is to say hemp, that appears also to be coated with the same kind of plastic material. Those pockets are for small tools and such.

How a bag like this is possible for just a Pound I do not know but whatever for a pound you get a serviceable bag for all your small garden tools, your string, and what have you, to have together with you whenever you venture into the jungle outside your back door. While a machete won't fit into the bag many other gardening hand tools and paraphernalia will. Then again, who uses a machete in the garden (bar me, at times)?

The bag seems to be quite well made though a double seam, such as often employed for jeans and other workwear, might have been better than the single seam with the rather thin thread. But then again, it's just a Pound. Definitely beats using a plastic bag for one's tools or a thin cotton tote and you are not going to carry heavy items in the bag.

A nice addition to anyone's garden armory, I'd say, in which to carry the weapons.

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