What's a 'sticky' street and why do you want one?

Perhaps a 'sticky street' doesn't bring the best imagery to mind. You might think a thoroughfare with too many gum wads, or a stretch of asphalt on a midwestern summer's day, or even a sidewalk with a syrup spill.

A sticky street is none of those. A term coined by Netizen's Brent Toderian, former director of City Planning in Vancouver B.C., a sticky street is simply one where human beings like to hang out. To walk on, bike on, sit at cafés and sip coffee on, do multiple errands and have multiple interactions on.

Here's Toderian's definition:

Streets aren't just for moving people – streets [are] for people to enjoy and linger, not just move through. Great places are both initially attractive, and 'sticky' once you get there. A place is sticky if people love it, and don't want to leave.

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