Urban Container Gardening hopes to boost food security in urban areas

Urban Container Gardening hopes to boost food security in urban areasGardening used to be a privilege of those with backyards big enough to cultivate garden beds of vegetables and other crops. Usually common in people living in rural areas, gardening is a lifestyle promoted widely in communities. Just recently, a fresh approach on gardening was introduced. Urban Container Gardening is an initiative that hopes to help boost food security in the country.

For 43-year old Helen Camacho of Purok 13, Barangay Tibungco, Davao City, it is an income-generating hobby. “Sa pirmiro nako na pagtanom, nagsugod ko sa baynte ka semilya sa pechay. Nagakuha pud sa sementeryo ug mga tetra pack aron matamnan (I started off with only 20 seedlings of Chinese cabbages. I, also, go to the nearby cemetery to gather and recycle tetra packs),” shared Helen.

From 20 pechay seedlings, Helen now has over 70 pechay seedlings along with other crops that she cultivates in their house. To make soil containers, Helen personally sews the tetra packs that she gathered from the cemetery. She even forges her own makeshift racks. “Dako kaayo ug tabang ang Urban Container Gardening sa amoang pagpamuyo. Busa magkugi gyud ko aron mas mapanindot pa ni (Urban Container Gardening is a huge help. I will really strive to improve my garden more)”, said Helen excitedly.

Her husband, 41-year old Alejandro works as a tricycle drives and earns at most P 300 a day. As an additional income, Helen repacks the seedlings that she bought and sells it to co-Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries at 5 pesos per piece. Helen also sells her produce to her neighbors or at the local market.

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