The sun is privatized in Spain

The sun is privatized in Spain. "If you get caught picking photon of sunlight for your own use you can drop a fine of 30 million euros"

With their dread power that will "destabilize" the power consumption (if not disappear), someone against what logic dictates, has proposed burying the photo-voltaic industry (now it is more necessary than ever) in a bottomless pit, sometime in 2010 someone has decided to privatize the sun .... yes yes you read correctly, in Spain totally unlike Europe, who generate a toll is imposed electricity and inject the en ... instead of receiving a profit, but that's not all, if you are caught picking photon of sunlight for your own use you can drop a fine of 30 million euros. Such as if it were a drug. Commit the sacrilege of being independent can be very expensive energy, the sun is now only for the privileged few and electric companies in which directors are of ex-presidents and ex-ministers dualistic ppsoe party.

"The  Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF),  which brings together some 300 companies and represents 85% of the industry, ensures that these changes to be implemented, would be more expensive solar consumption to resort to conventional supply. "Saving consumers is inhibited and the entry of new competition in the electricity market is paralyzed," contemplated. "

A if if you were thinking that caused this false crisis, the best option was to just have a few solar panels fell 80% cost and have the opportunity to disconnect from the mains and your bill scam, and can forget.


Spain has been privatized in the sun without consulting its citizens, without consulting the solar system without consulting the universe so ....

This is machine translated from the Spanish original found here