Contrails or Chemtrails

by Michael Smith Veshengro)

Aluminium Oxide (Al203) – plus some other chemicals – are said to being added to jet fuel (JP4) to create a new kind of cloud – contrail cirrus – as a “sun shield” for the Planet.

ContrailCirrusThis, however, will do little if anything to combat “global warming” as, in fact, according even to meteorologists, this cloud layer and haze thus created traps heat on the Planet and furthermore reduces the sunlight needed for plants to germinate, grow and for fruit and vegetables to ripen.

As soon as, however, it would appear, that a day of sunshine and blue sky is forecast, not long after aircraft “contrails” begin to make an appearance that slowly spread across the sky and cover it in a cirrus haze, diffusing the sunlight.

This factor, sometimes, seems to discount the possibility of a routine addition of Al203 to the fuel but appears to point to something that is being added as and when certain conditions arise or exist.

While some people like to claim that this be spraying of poisons to reduce the population of the Planet my take on this is that it is a dangerous attempt rather of weather and climate control. We are – well not we ourselves but the powers-that-be – playing God at our peril. It did not work with cloud seeding and this is worse still.

Unless they are not – thought they appear to be – ordinary commercial passenger planes of various different airlines then spraying with special equipment on board is out of the question as the hold is used for baggage, mail and freight and thus no space and also the weight consideration.

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