15 ways to repurpose old jeans

Put tough, leftover denim to good use with a variety of repurposing projects. Most require some knowledge of sewing.

repurposing blue jeansIt pains me to throw away old jeans, which is why I have a stash of holey, worn out pairs stored in the back of my closet. Part of it is emotional attachment; throwing them out feels like rejecting an old friend. It also feels wrong because the rest of the jeans are still intact, except for those darn holes, and I hate unnecessary waste.

This is why I’ve been searching for ways to repurpose beloved old jeans, rather than tossing them in the trash, or even in the local textile recycling bin. Denim is such a tough, resistant fabric that it’s great for repurposing. Here are some interesting ideas I found, which means those old jeans will soon find new life – and hopefully yours will, too.

1. Make some funky denim cocktail napkins. I love the bleached stamps and decorate stitching along the edges, perfect for a casual get-together.

2. Make a twisted denim headband. No more bad hair days with this cool accessory that's bound to turn heads.

3. Make a braided denim rug. Made of tough fabric, this rug will be able to stand up to any kind of human or animal use.

4. Turn old jeans into potholders. Link is in Finnish, but pictures are self-explanatory. Stitch together a few layers of denim and you won't be able to feel the heat. You could also use as a trivet.

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