Snipers with high-powered rifles in Ukraine “uprising”

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Several western news agencies circulated reports and pictures from the “uprising”, better termed illegal coup, in Kiev, Ukraine, claiming that there were people with high-powered rifles in action.

The photos – and here but two – in all cases showed men with air rifles and not high-powered (or even not so high-powered) rifles, hunting or sniper.

Break-action air rifle_sml-markedThis is a break-action air rifle, probably cal .22

Under-lever action air rifleThis is an under-lever action air rifle of Russian manufacture, probably cal .177

Neither of those, nor others that were shown elsewhere, are sniper rifles and neither are capable of killing – unless at close range – a person.

However, most people who do not know better will believe this sham because, after all, as they would say, it was being reported in the media and came from sources such as Reuters.

Education goes a long way in discerning what is truth and what is falsehood and it is, in this day and age, very proper to simply question everything and to do one's research. Not that it has been different before, I guess. The German fascists knew only too well that the media, in those days newspapers and radio, were weapons to be used for their aims.

With the co-called freedom of the press in the West, however, people have come to believe that they are being told the truth. This, however, is but an illusion and smoke and mirrors and much of our press and media, being but owned by a number of powerful families and organizations are but weapons of mass distraction designed to keep the masses in the dark.

And while there is “freedom of speech” and “freedom of the press” (well both sort of) in the West that does not mean that everything we hear on the radio, see on the television, read in the papers or see on the Internet is going to be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Far from it.

Someone playing with air rifles in a war-like situation is not going to do anything but put himself at risk of being shot by a counter-sniper as a sniper and thus one can also, almost, assume that those pictures that were being circulated have been staged.

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