Edible Garden Show 2014 – Visit Impressions

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Alexandra_Palace_outside_shot1The Edible Garden Show has now been running for a number of years but has always, to me at least and others in the South of England, due to its location at the showground in Stoneleigh, Warwickshire, been rather inaccessible, especially if one does not use a car.

In 2014 it finally came to the London area and this made it possible for those of us who cannot or do not wish to travel by car to actually attend it and the venue chosen, though still a little off the track, so to speak, in the form of Alexandra Palace in the London Borough of Haringay, is probably the best location possible.

The building and halls simply are beautiful – I had forgotten how nice Alexandra Palace actually is having not been there for over 25 years – and its setting overlooking London and in the middle of a large park make it a fantastic venue.

Despite the day that I attended being the first day and a Friday by lunchtime it had become very busy indeed and those exhibitors that were conspicuous by their absence will be regretting the fact that they did not chose to be at the show.

The show was well laid out and very easy indeed to navigate, something that is important so that visitors are able to see all the exhibits without missing anything. This is, alas, often overlooked by organizers of shows when the layout is being complicated making navigating a nightmare. Despite this, however, I have managed to miss a couple of points that would have been most interesting due to the fact that I forgot to consult my notes that I had made prior to the show, such as the Poultry Handbook. But, hopefully, I will learn from this.

I would also like to use this opportunity here to express my thanks to the organizers and the press team for the way they looked after us members of the press corps during our visit with a great press office where one could relax very well indeed and setting of this particular room, the Roman Room, was stunning also.

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