Threadhoe from Agralan – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

The Threadhoe is a little hand-held hoe that allows weeds to be removed from the smallest of areas without damaging plants. It has been developed in Sweden by specialists in hoe design and the ergonomic design prevents wrist strain.

agralan threadhoe_sml New from Agralan, and shortlisted for the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden Product of the Year 2012 – the winner however was the Harrod Slot & Lock Framework Building System – comes the Threadhoe, a clever little hand tool that aims to take the pain out of weeding.

The Threadhoe has been ergonomically designed to act as an extension of the hand. It takes the strain off your wrist and uses the power in your shoulder, reducing the force required to hold it firmly.

It has been designed in Sweden by Olle Danielson, a keen gardener, who at the age of 60 suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. All the usual handled tools made weeding uncomfortable and exhausting to both his wrist and elbow. So he came up with this unique design, to make weeding gentler and more effective.

The narrow end is 25mm (1 inch) wide and allows weeding in confined spaces such as window boxes and pots, the wide end is 65mm (2.5 inches) and can be used in larger areas such as flower beds and vegetable patches. The 2mm stainless steel threads are easy to push into the ground, and loosen the soil to a depth of 65mm (2.5 inches), allowing weeds to be pulled free without damaging plants. Because it is made from stainless steel and plastic you can leave it safely outside without having to worry about it rusting. Personally I would still bring it in with me always. Even stainless steel will, eventually, rust. That is a fact.

This is and ideal tool for gardeners who like to kneel or sit while weeding and can be used in any direction by both left- and right-handed gardeners, which is nice. While not being a southpaw I do bemoan the fact though that tools for the left-handed users are so limited and, in addition to that, often twice as expensive.

The Threadhoe is also safe for children to use without risk of injury, and it comes in a variety of colors.

The normal retail price is 6.99 GBP

I have tried and tested the Threadhoe from Agralan and must say that I love it. It cuts into the soil fast and efficiently, loosens the soil and with it the weeds, making it easy for them to be removed, roots and all.

Despite the fact that there could only be one winner in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Garden Product of the Year 2012 competition the Threadhoe would have been my choice but it will be a winner in other aspects.

As I said, it's a winner...

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