New Finance Package to help UK Schools harness wind power

Evance Wind Turbines reduces second biggest cost for schools

For schools, energy is the second biggest expenditure, so with energy costs rising by around 20% this year and possibly more in future years, schools will see increasing pressure on budgets. Public spending on education in the UK is falling at the fastest rate since the 1950s, says the Institute for Fiscal Studies.*

Presently, Evance has over 50 small wind turbines supporting educational centres across the UK. By installing an R9000 turbine on a site with wind speeds averaging 6 metres per second annually, the turbine will generate over 13,000kWh of energy. This is equivalent to energy cost savings of up to £1,700, depending on electricity consumption and assuming a rate of 13p per kWh. So, with energy costs rising, wind energy is a great benefit.

“We know from talking to head teachers and bursars that the installation of a small wind turbine can take a considerable part of their capital budget. So to help we have partnered with Moor Leasing to develop a finance package specifically for UK schools and Local Government organisations,” stated Kevin Parslow, CEO of Evance Wind Turbines Ltd.

“For those schools and colleges in windy spots, just a £5,000 contribution gives them free electricity for the life of the turbine. If the site has an annual wind speed averaging 6 metres per second this could be recovered within 3 years,“ continued Parslow.

For many schools and Local Government organisations this finance package** offers:

• Free green energy for 20 years

• Immediate financial savings

• Minimal upfront investment

After the initial investment there are no further payments as Moor Leasing will register for the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) income and, once this income has covered the full investment, it will be shared.

Installing an R9000 small wind turbine can make a substantial difference to a school or college, as it would benefit from reduced energy bills, as well as reduced carbon emissions. Also the turbine is a great educational tool for curriculum subjects, such as science and mathematics, but also for teaching students the benefits of living sustainably and building a greener future.

Some schools are already seeing these benefits: “The installation of our Evance turbine has been a very successful project, for which we expect to substantially reduce our energy bill and reduce CO2 emissions by 4 tonnes per year,” stated Mr J Smith, from Denes High School in Lowestoft. “I think, going forwards, schools have to become more sustainable institutions.”

“This is a further demonstration of the School’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. The wind turbine will be an excellent educational resource, and help us in our goal to make our pupils aware of the need for sustainable energy sources to be developed,” commented Mr Geoffrey Boult, Headmaster of Giggleswick School, North Yorkshire.

Also, the Apedale Energy Centre, set in a Staffordshire Country Park, is a new visitor centre showcasing low carbon building techniques and renewable technologies, - including two Evance R9000 wind turbines that are generating electricity to power the centre.

“This has been a very exciting project and I’m sure that it will encourage both domestic users and schools to take up renewable energy,” commented Ian Wykes, Head of Sustainability for Staffordshire County Council. ”I believe that wind energy is ideal for schools with suitable sites. For schools, energy use is the second biggest cost, and - due to tight budgets and rising energy prices - turbines are a valuable energy generator for many head teachers to consider.”

“To support the running of the centre we should receive in the region of £4,500 a year from the Feed-in Tariff scheme, and - by generating power using the wind turbines - we should save around 7.5 tonnes of CO2 a year. This equates to me taking 12 flights from London to New York,” said Wykes.

Evance Wind Turbines, a world leading manufacturer of small wind turbines, is dedicated to helping customers capture and use wind power to reduce both energy bills and carbon footprint. Evance has a global footprint of over 800 installations helping farmers, schools, businesses and home owners to become green energy producers.

Evance’s 5kW R9000 wind turbine is fully MCS certified and eligible for the UK’s Feed-in Tariff scheme.

As a leading manufacturer of small wind turbines Evance delivers efficient and reliable solutions designed to produce maximum energy yield.


** Dependent on site location and wind speed

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