Incognito, the revolutionary new approach to dealing with the age-old problem of being bitten by insects is expanding with the introduction of two ranges of luxury soaps. Incognito is a pleasant-smelling powerful camouflage that make the user invisible to all things small that bite. Its unique blend of 100% natural ingredients, including organically-certified citronella (C. winterianus) and eucalyptus, has taken years to perfect and a new, improved formula is being launched in a 100 ml size alongside the soaps.

Insects are attracted to human kairomones (similar to pheromones; chemicals emitted by the body, such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid) and a female mosquito can detect them up to one kilometer away! Incognito masks human kairomones, so the insects literally fly by.

Some of the ingredients used in the manufacture of normal soaps are a major attractant for mosquitoes however, the new incognito soaps complement the incognito spay, as the have some of the same ingredients, thus protecting the user further from insects. The two ranges are jasmine rice soaps (including jasmine rice with ginger and jasmine rice with lemon grass) and loofah soaps both containing C. winterianus (citronella), which is only available from the volcanic island of Java, so it is sometimes called Java citronella, and is more potent than more widely-available C. nardus (citronella).

All soap packing is Saa, made entirely from mulberry bark, which is totally biodegradable and not a single tree needs to be cut down in its manufacture. Incognito gift bags will also be available from selected stockists, containing all incognito products, including incognito citronella incense, in a special fold down bag.

Incognito is a small, ethically-minded company based in West London run by husband and wife team, Howard and Patricia Carter. Incognito products are manufactured in Thailand and in little over a year, incognito has achieved excellent sales and is now available throughout the UK and abroad – including Ghana, India and spas in Asia.

“Topical chemical insect repellents can be very harmful to the skin, causing irritation and even worse reactions such as scarring. The public's response to incognito shows that our chemical-free solution to coping with mosquitoes and other biting insects has hit a chord”, says Howard Carter. “Last year, the headlines were full of warnings that mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and chikungunya were in Europe. There were also several mosquito outbreaks in the UK, especially in Norfolk and Suffolk, after all the wet weather. The Met Office is predicting another hot and wet summer in the UK this year, ideal mosquito breeding conditions, so whether at home or on holiday, incognito is the perfect solution to avoiding bites,” adds Carter.

Child-friendly and kind to the environment, incognito is available nationwide at independent pharmacies, health food and organic food stores, eco-product shops and many other outlets including Harrods airport shops, Farmacia at Harrods and Selfridges (where it is the one of the best-selling non-chemical products) and Planet Organic in London. It can also be purchased online from the incognito website which also contains lots of useful information on stockists, mosquitoes, health advice and how to avoid bites. A 100ml bottle of incognito is £8.50 rrp. A 100g incognito rice soap is £4.99 and the luxury loofah soap is £6.99 for 100g.