Staycation 2016

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

staycation_uk1The summer holidays are almost upon us in Britain, and also in other parts of Europe and people may, at present consider as to whether – if they have not booked already – to spend their money to go abroad or to rather vacation at home.

In view of the “aftermath” of the vote of the British people to leave the European Union and the subsequent fall of Sterling vacationing in the UK or at home at home, so to speak, might be a good option. It is better for your finances and for the Planet.

Rumor has it, and I stress that it is rumor per a number of foreign media outlets, that some banks and businesses in some EU countries, or should that now be regions, as the EU wants to do away with nation states, are now refusing to accept British credit and debit cards. This might be another reason to take the safe option of having a staycation.

A staycation is also much easier on your nerves. No suitcase packing and the hassle of deciding what and what not to take. No two or three hours check-in before flight and all the security hassle and on the return going through the same rigmarole again and thus needing a holiday to get over the stress from the holiday. The kids have their familiar surroundings and their toys and you know how clean the beds are and that the water is safe to drink.

Whether you staycation at home direct, or go to stay at some location in the UK, there will be more than enough activities that can be had to keep the kids amused and also to educate each and every member of the family. If you stay at your home and don't have a large garden there are, more often than not, parks and open spaces not too far away. The only thing that cannot be guaranteed, and at present definitely not, is the weather.

But there are museums to visit and other such attractions which can also can go a long way towards a learning experience for children and adults alike without it feeling like learning and for almost nothing bar the costs of getting there.

Most people have never seen any of the local areas of interest but have been to many places in Spain, Portugal, South of France, Italy, Greece, etc., but mostly where there are beaches, in other words at tourist destination where they don't get any contact with the culture of the country, and they don't really want that either, it would seem, which I do find a great shame. And even more so that, as said, most have no idea what is just around the corner as to local places of interest, or such like.

With a little inspiration and imagination a staycation can turn out better than any holiday abroad and a lot less stressful.

© 2016