Beat the staycation stampede, book your cottage early

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Beat the staycation stampede, book your ideal holiday cottage early, says the Daily Mail in a heavily sponsored article.

staycation_uk1Why bother about the cottage when you have a perfectly good home and can go out on trips, I say.

As Sterling has fallen and is falling against the Euro and the Dollar (as a result of Brexit it is being claimed though reasons may be that the economy, Europe- and worldwide is going down the drain again) families will, more than likely, opt to stay in the UK or even directly at home.

Furthermore security concerns for overseas travel, whether in certain parts of Europe or elsewhere, also are adding to the decision to stay at home. Plus, I would hasten to add, the fact that money for some may also be a little on the tight side and while flights to holiday destinations in Spain and such may be cheap, the stay not necessarily is and considering that some places are now adding an accommodation tax to the game a staycation is by far the option to take.

There is talk of accommodation being heavily booked on the home front, be this hotels, guesthouses or holiday cottages, but signs are also that there is still quite a lot of availability. On the other hand, staying at one's own home and taking trips to places of interest, the countryside, and such, makes far more sense, in my opinion, than actually going somewhere.

By staying at home you are also doing something for your local community in that you are spending your money and holiday money much more in the local economy than you would by going to holiday elsewhere, even if in your own country. Though, in the later case you are supporting the economy of the particular region where you are holidaying and that is not bad either.

However, as far as Planet and wallet are concerned the staycation at home, in your own home, is still the best, and also for your nerves. No need to booking anything, no need to traveling whatever distance, with the kids in the car asking “are we nearly there yet” every five minutes. The cost of train travel nowadays is that prohibitive, unless, again, you can book it well ahead, that that is not the same option to getting to a destination that it was some 30 or so years ago.

Stay at home for your staycation. Go to the local parks and woods for picnics and other activities. Take day trip excursions a little farther afield on foot or by bicycle, or bus; by all means, if you have to, use the car. This way your money stays mostly in your pocket as you won't really spend much more than you usually would, maybe even less, and also that what you do spend, if done wisely, stays in the local economy. A total win-win for all concerned.

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