The Cyclists' Pair by CultureCycle

a28fa2d6f235755f2bff283dee5a8ec5_originalOn 2nd April 2016 CultureCycle's Angelina Russo launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Cyclists' Pair - 4 identical high quality woollen, handcranked, machine washable cycling socks to deal with the perenial problem of single socks.

The Cyclists' Pair are the first hand-cranked cycling socks to be made available to a mass market. There are four different types of socks:

  • The Funster - a short, entry level sock that will keep you cycling all day long

  • The Offroader - a mid calf length cycling sock in two colours with the option of spun aramid thread, better known as kevlar, knitted into the toes and heels.

  • The Racer - three colours, two racing stripes, ribbed mid calf length sock with the kevlar option.

  • The Executive - the top of the range cycling sock for the discerning cyclist. Cashmere, wool and silk blended to create a mid calf cycling sock that can be worn on an off the bike.

All socks are hand-cranked on turn of the century circular sock machines. The yarns are the highest quality German, Italian, New Zealand and Australian yarns. All socks are knitted with fine lycra throughout so that they don't lose their shape. Can we machine washed and with regular wear, will last up to two years.

Sock designer, Angelina Russo from Canberra, Australia, knows what its like to cycle in the cold. Canberra mornings are regularly below zero and the clear frosty air lead her to design socks that would stand the often minus 6 degree celsius starts.

Cyclists will love The Cyclists' Pair. 4 identical socks delivered in an embroidered felt carry case means that you can keep a spare pair with you all the time and you know that, should one go missing, you still have the rest of the The Cylists' Pair.

Whether you're a road cyclist, mountain-biker, commuter or occasional rider, The Cyclists' Pair are designed to deliver warm, comfortable cycling experiences while being elegant and fashionable. The woollen socks breathe, and, at the end of a long ride, just throw them into the washing machine and they will be ready to ride again.

The Cyclists' Pair Kickstarter campaign will allow CultureCycle to undertake the first production run, thus honouring the tradition of domestic manufacturing that underpins the circular sock machine. Importantly, this production run will deliver high quality, Australian designed and made cycling socks to a broad market.

The campaign’s backers will receive the very first of the production run and will become CultureCycle VIPs.

For more information, please visit the Kickstarter page or contact the designer and maker.

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