Broken fence posts... no longer a problem

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

postbudycompile2Thanks to one revolutionary product, repairing broken fence posts is no longer the labour-intensive, time-consuming job it used to be.

Post Buddy, was created just over four years ago and is unlike anything else on the market. It is already proving popular with home owners right across the UK with more than 45,000 online sales over the last two years and a five star eBay rating.

The Post Buddy system is a quick, simple and highly effective way of fixing wooden fence posts of all sizes. Uniquely there is no longer the need to dig up the broken post or dismantle any of the existing fencing. Repairing broken fence posts with Post Buddy will extend the life of an otherwise solid fence by years.

Wayne Phelan, inventor and company founder said: “I originally came up with the idea for Post Buddy when several of my own fence posts broke. I didn’t fancy spending hours digging up and replacing the posts and I knew any available repairs were a hassle. I needed to get it done quickly, as broken posts often cause a chain reaction. One breaks, then another, eventually the whole fence collapses.”

“I wanted an easy solution. I played around with various ideas and that’s how Post Buddy was conceived. A quick, labour-saving repair which anyone would find easy to use.”

The Post Buddy system consists of two powder coated mild steel stakes 750mm long. Inserted between the fence post and the existing concrete base, the Post Buddy stakes are able to penetrate the underground timber. The stakes are secured to the above ground post, thereby acting like a splint, bridging the rotten section of wood, making the fence post solid once again.

For more information, easy to follow instructions and demonstration video please visit the Post Buddy website at or check out Facebook and Twitter.

Post Buddy is a UK Patent product: Granted 1210616.7 with International Patent Pending PCT/GB2012/051374

While before you had to use all manner of things if you wanted to fix a broken fence posts and yes, angle irons do, to some extent, work. As they are not as easily to put into the ground, so to speak, alongside the post between the concrete, it was and is always a bit of a hit and miss affair – often it is a hit affair as you tend bashing your hand with the hammer – with the Post Buddy strips, on the other hand, it is a lot easier, and safer.

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