Yowk, the almost “ready-to eat” boiled egg

...all you have to do is to heat it up

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

yowkWhen you think you have about seen it all then along comes something like this. Help! I must say that when I saw this I wasn't really sure as to whether I was supposed to laugh or cry at the stupidity.

The egg is cooked before it’s packaged up and put out on the shop shelves – all you have to do is add some boiling water to the pot and then in five minutes, hey presto! You’ve got your breakfast. It even comes with a handy little spoon so you can crack the shell and munch away if you’re nowhere near cutlery of your own. How much more stupid could one get.

First of I do not think that pre-boiling an egg and then reheating it is a very sensible idea in the first place, alone for reasons of health, and then reheating requires the same time as making a soft-boiled egg in the first place. This, I am afraid, is in my opinion, worse still than frozen potato mash and stuff like that. Is there any way that people become lazier still? I guess, unfortunately that there is a chance and as long as producers come up with such ideas people will just buy them.

Now, added to the ready pealed bananas in plastic trays and the ready pealed and segmented organges in plastic that can now be bought at some places we have a pre-cooked soft-boiled egg that you still have to heat for five minutes in boiling water. It is really hard not to exclaim “Jesus wept!” in this context, and wonder what the marketeer are going to come up with next.

Have people really become so lazy (or hyper-busy) that they really can't even manage to boil an egg or have they become that stupid that everything has to come pre-done? I am at a loss here.

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