You have to decide where you stand

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In the monumental battle of our times we all have to take stock and decide where we stand and on which side we fight. Do you stand with capitalism and world domination (by the United States and its corporations) or do you stand for solidarity and peace, for liberty and justice, and for and with humanity?

I, for my part, did choose many years ago where, in this monumental strife of our time, I was going to stand and on which side I would be bearing arms, metaphorically and fore real.

The side that I choose is that of solidarity, of peace and of brotherhood of all, of a cooperative commonwealth, where I joined the struggle for a new an fairer world for all and where the fruits of a worker's labor are his or hers and not those of a corporation.

To take such a stand in a world where, it would appear, the amount of money you make, what kind of car you drive, what kind of home you live in, what brand of clothes you wear and such counts more that what and who you are is not an easy one to make when everyone else is peddling the hamster wheel but it is the right one for all mankind and the right one for the Planet also.

I have made my choice to stand for people and for the environment and against the capitalist system and (corporate) greed. But I cannot and would never think of making you decide where you take your stand. That choice is yours and yours alone and between you and your conscience. All I try to do it to make you think as to the way that you take.

Each and every one of us has to work out for him- or herself on which side he or she is going to stand and – if and when necessary – fight or whether to sit on the proverbial fence. In the latter case you have to understand though that, in the context of things, staying neutral means siding with the oppressors.

© 2014