Freeplay’s Encore Player radio makes a splash during record-breaking journey around the world

Encore_article1Freeplay Energy’s Encore Player radio was recently put through its paces by extreme sportsman Sam Greatrex when he took part on a grueling 100-mile rowing expedition from Oxford to London.

The expedition was a warm-up for Sam’s forthcoming attempt to break the world record for the fastest human powered circumnavigation of the world – and his Encore Player will also be going with him then. The bid, titled ‘Lap the World’, will kick off in August 2014 and aims to raise £240,000 for the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

But first, Sam and his seven crewmates rowed from Oxford to Putney Bridge, London. Sam’s new Encore Player radio kept the team entertained and charged their mobile phones throughout the journey; its robust design, powerful speaker and patented dynamo-powered energy source making it ideal for sustained outdoor use.

Sam Greatrex comments: “I approached Freeplay Energy as there seemed a natural fit between the company and our values of demonstrating sustainable energy management while delivering world leading performance. Having said that, it will also be a life saver to have a radio to listen to while I am making my way around the globe, and the inbuilt light and mobile phone charger will be invaluable. I can even load my favorite tunes onto an SD card and use the Encore Player’s integrated MP3 player.”

John McGrath, Freeplay Energy’s managing director, adds: “We are delighted to have the opportunity to support Sam’s record attempt by donating an Encore Player radio, which is particularly appropriate for use on the ‘Lap the World’ bid, as it too can be fully powered by human energy, via its high-efficiency wind-up mechanism. Of course, if Sam chooses to save all his energy for getting himself around the world, he can use Encore Player’s built-in solar panel to power the multi-band radio, play MP3s or charge his mobile phone.

“We were proud to support Sam both during his initial rowing challenge between Oxford and London, and then as he takes on his amazing ‘Lap the World’ expedition later this year. We wish him all the very best and look forward to watching his progress as he creates a new world record.”

Originally designed for use by the 1.6 billion people worldwide who currently live without access to a regular electricity supply, the solar and dynamo-powered Encore Player is a multi-band radio, MP3 player and recorder, light and mobile phone charger. Weighing just 1.08kg and less than 26cm tall, Encore Player is highly portable and its sturdy, robust design ensures that it is suitable for use in the most rugged of environments.

Encore Player builds on Freeplay’s long experience of pioneering wind-up and solar technology to deliver products that provide information, communication and lighting for people around the world who live off-grid.

Now that Sam has completed his Oxford to London trip, he will continue preparations for his ‘Lap the World’ challenge. This will see him cross 25 countries and five continents in the course of his 18 month journey. He will cycle 18,000 miles and row 14,000 nautical miles in order to break the current record for the fastest human powered circumnavigation of the world, which has only been completed by two other people to ExplorersWeb standards. Sam chose to use the record bid as a fundraising initiative for Macmillan Cancer Support having made a full recovery from the disease following diagnosis at the age of 10.

Sam concludes: “Macmillan Cancer Support provides essential help for families affected by cancer and the money we raise will help the charity to provide more services for more people at a very difficult time in their lives. I am grateful to all the companies and individuals who have, like Freeplay Energy, pledged their support for ‘Lap the World’ and I look forward to achieving a new world record.”

For more information about ‘Lap the World’, visit or go to to make a donation.

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