To vote or not to vote, that is the question

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

If votingIf voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it”, said Mark Twain, and true he is and was.

The fact is that our so-called democratic elections are but a farce to make the people, that is you and me, believe that by choosing this or that candidate we, the people, participate in the government and the governing process.

Time and again people will say that if one does not vote one gives one's voice to the greater of the (two) evils and that one has to choose the lesser of the evils. However, I say why choose any evil.

And the problem with political parties is, anyway, that as soon as they get a taste of power they disregard what their pledges and promises were and get on with governing, that is to say oppressing, the people.

Just for a moment imagine that everyone would stay away from elections or that, as it was suggested, elections can only be valid if more than 50% of the electorate cast their ballots, and that turnout would not happen and only a few percent would actually go to the polling stations. What then? They would then either have to force people to cast their ballots or they would have too start all over again.

Boris Johnson (Conservative), the Mayor of London, demands that Union ballots have to have a greater than 51% turnout while at the same time stating that for mayoral elections and general elections a turnout of less that 35% is fine. This shows what a farce this all is and that it is but a game to pacify the people into believing that they live in a democracy.

There is no democracy anywhere. Not a single so-called democratic country with a so-called democratic government is a democracy in the true sense and thus it is all but window dressing.

Do you really think that your vote makes any difference. The choices are made well ahead of the elections by the people who pull the strings of the puppets and this can be seen well enough if one but manages to inspect the claimed votes versus the cast votes and voters attending, and yes, even in the United Kingdom.

Joseph Stalin said “It does not matter how many votes are placed its who counts the votes that matters” and that definitely is the case and also as to how the votes are counted.

In view of those shenanigans and the fact that we are being invited to a game the outcome of which is predetermined, and the same, by the way and especially also goes for the US presidential elections, before our American cousins wonder, I have decided that that is one game I am not playing.

If we did have the choice on the ballot paper to mark a box “None of the Above” and if those voices would be counted as votes that were “No” votes, so to speak, then things might be different but choosing the lesser of two evils does not make for a right.

I am not telling you what to think or what to do; all I am asking you is to think.

© 2014