The Propagro Windowsill Propagator – Product Review

Propagro Windowsill Propagator, the mini individual plant greenhouse for your windowsill.

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

propagro1The Plant Pot Propagator is probably the simplest propagator you will ever use except for one that you may fashion yourself by simply using a pot and a plastic bag. Two wire hoops which click together hold a 9cm or 10cm pot away from the ground for good drainage and provide a frame to hold a polythene cover away from the leaves of your cuttings and seedlings whilst providing the warm and humid environment needed for good propagation.

The Propagro Windowsill Propagators are simple to set up; so simple, in fact, that a small child could do it and, once again, instructions are almost superfluous.

Made in the UK from recycled galvanized steel. RRP £8.00 excl delivery. Pack of 3 Propagators.

Yes, it is true that you could, basically, make your own propagators by simply placing the pot into a plastic back and tying up the top. Did that an while it did work to some degree it also caused rot and thus death to a number of seedlings due to the fact that the entirely closed bag does not allow for any ventilation. The Propagro, being open on the bottom, does away with that problem though it does, maybe, require a little more checking as to keeping the soil at the right moisture condition for seeds and seedlings.

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