Pull up those pants

Pull up those pants or do you really wish to send out that message?

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

What message is that, you may ask. Well, let me explain it to all of you that think is nice to walk with your pants below your butt.

pull up those pants The fact is that this trend, like the wearing of a baseball hat backwards or sideways, was born in US jails.

The one about wearing your pants below your butt comes, as said, from United States’ jails, where prisoners who were willing to have sex with other prisoners needed to invent a signal that would go unnoticed by the guards so they wouldn’t suffer consequences. Thus, by partially showing their butts, they showed that they were available to be penetrated by other inmates.

Now I ask you again, is that really the message that you want to convey to the world? I should think not unless it is your intention to solicit.

In some counties in the United States wearing your pants in this manner will get you arrested by the Sheriff rather quickly and charged with either exposure or other offences. Suggest thus you learn how to properly dress. It will also stop you falling over.

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