Population matters to the environment

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

This is, apparently, the finding of some UN body as regards to population and the environment, and it would seem that they think they have made some great discovery.

Sure population matters to the environment and to Mother Earth and if we would not be interfering with what She is doing there would be no problem. But every time there is a flood, a famine, an earthquake, etc., we have to rush the world's resources to help save all those people. Such acts are, however, ways in which Mother Earth sorts out things.

The problem that we now have seven billion (now are those American billions or English billions?) people on this planet and that, with oil and other resources running out, food and everything else also could become short in supply.

Regardless of what some say the Earth has but a limited natural carrying capacity and, if we would permit Her to regulate the system without misguided interference then we would not have a problem. Oh, but no, we, modern man, know better and we must help all those poor souls that are starving, often because of their own laziness.

Natural calamities exist to regulate population of humans and of animals on the Planet and the Earth does it all by itself quite nicely. Our misguided interference, however, has cause the imbalance, in the same way as human actions are the cause of much of the misery on the Planet in the first place and also of the environmental problems.

Our greed for whatever we could lay our grubby paws on, and especially the greed of those who could afford to exploit Earth's riches, have led to the wholesale destruction of breadbaskets, forests and other ecosystems and it is for that reason that more and more severe weather acts occur. Mother Earth is trying to rectify the imbalances.

The Earth is a living organism and a self-regulating one at that and we better come to understand that now before we really have a problem.

© 2012