Radius® 3-Piece Tool Set from Lakeland – Product Review

Radius® 3-Piece Tool Set
Lakeland Ref 51729
Price: £26.99
not available in store

51729The set comprises cultivator, weeder and transplanter (trowel).

Curvaceously comfortable, the patented handles are ergonomically designed to work with the natural position of your wrist, maximising power while minimising stress. With aluminium blades that are both lightweight and strong, this set includes everything you’ll need to make tending to your flowerbeds a pleasure rather than a chore.

While I must say that I am not the greatest of friends of aluminium for use with garden tools in this case I may just make and exception. The one problem I can see with aluminium, however, is that that metal wears down faster often in comparison to steel. The other side of the coin, however, is that you can wash the tools and don't have to worry about whether or not they are 100% dry when you hang them up – the best way to store any garden tool – or not, as aluminium does not rust nor in any other way corrode.

The tools perform and handle well, are well balanced, and the half-moon, sort of, shaped handle allows for a much more natural holding and handling of the tools than do the straight handles of ordinary garden hand tools, be they trowels, cultivators, or what have you.

The proof of the pudding as to the strain reduction certainly will be in a prolonged use of the tools, especially in a more-or-less professional setting, but from what I have seen so far using the trowel (transplanter), and the weeder, they handle very well indeed.

The weeder I have found to be a very useful tool for the removal of weeds from the crack in paving. It actually has a lip on the underside designed to get into the groves in the paving and cleanly cut off the weeds.

Oh, did I say that I like the tools? Well, I do and very much so.

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