The Johnson Family - Act II

Most readers will know that I normally do not feature any embedded videos on the GREEN (LIVING) REVIEW and rather concentrate on the written word. This one, however, is one of those exceptions, as it is rather a good and important one.

Five years ago, the Johnson family decided to move into a smaller home. Not only did they downsize their belongings but they took on a zero-waste style of living. And the rest is being told in the story below.

I must say that I – personally – could not live in a place that is so devoid of clutter with nothing on the worktops in the kitchen and such. Then again I would love to have a worktop that would be less cluttered, though, but there is not enough space to put everything in my kitchen.

Going to nigh zero waste – the Johnsons still have some, albeit only a very small amount – is an absolutely interesting way to go. However, I am afraid that some thing just do not work in the UK, for instance. You cannot got to a place with your jars – bar a few very small outlets – and get them filled with this or that or take them to the meat counter in a supermarket to have them put the meat you purchase in there. No go. The idea is great though and that is how we did work years gone by and it is the way that we should work again.