Green Thing Calling all Single Gloves

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Glove Love, Green Thing's latest thing, is the stylish and sustainable union of the country's single gloves. Trouble is, our Glove Love pairs are selling out fast so we need more single gloves. If you have one or have seen one then please don't waste it. - grab it, send it to Green Thing and help make Glove Love.

While I must say that picking up and reusing single gloves in this way is, certainly, not new and this writer has also talked and written about it and is also doing it, and that is what counts, it is, definitely, a great idea.

In most cases, unless someone is willing to match up, in some way, single gloves - not so good with single socks now - into a new pair they will just end up on the waste stream and, more often than not, ultimately, in the landfill sites.

So, either, if you don't want to try and mix and match some single gloves yourself send them off to the Green Thing so they can keep them, by matching them and selling them on, out of the waste stream. Personally, I will keep collecting and matching up myself.

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