Free fuel stop and tune up for cyclists in Canterbury

There is no such thing as a free lunch or so we are led to believe, but for the lucky cyclists of Canterbury ’s Pilgrim’s Way Primary School this is not the case. On the morning of Tuesday 22nd September all school cyclists will be offered a free Sustrans Bike It Breakfast.

In a time of economic consciousness we are all becoming more aware of where our money is spent and increasingly searching for ways to save. Bike It Breakfast not only offers a free breakfast, Sustrans Bike It Officers will also be on hand to offer a free bike check service to ensure bikes are road safe.

Taking place at 8am at Pilgrims Way Primary School , Canterbury is one of the latest areas to join Sustrans Bike It scheme, managed by Sustrans, a leading project in England and Wales encouraging children and young people to choose two wheels instead of four for the journey to school. Bike It gives children the skills and confidence to travel independently and gives parents the peace of mind to let them.

Sustrans Bike It Officer David Robert organised the Breakfast, “I am delighted that Canterbury Council has joined the Bike It scheme which aims to increase the number of children cycling or walking to school. We are extending this service by offering all the school’s cyclists to attend Bike It Breakfast and encourage parents to join the growing number of children choosing to cycle.”

Bike it offers more ways to save in terms of the economy and environment. It is estimated that obesity will cost our environment an estimated £50 billion by 2050. By choosing to walk and cycle we are opting fro the healthy choice, a choice that will also benefit our environment by helping to significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions produced.

Now in its fifth year, Sustrans Bike It project works with over 400 schools and over 89,000 children and young people across England and Wales. It works directly with pupils, parents and staff to help them overcome whatever it is that is preventing them from cycling to school – by organising cycle training, helping to install new bike sheds, contributing to classroom work and providing information about safe routes to schools.