Homemade card bookmarks

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

This is a simple project that will save your books from dog ears and your cardboard packaging from the trash.

Simply pull out your colorful cardboard packages, flatten them out and cut them into strips about 1 1/2" x 6". A paper cutter (guillotine) will give you a more consistent cut.

Any size strip will do, really, as long as it fits in the book. It does not have to be as long as the book either, though some people think they need it that long. Don't we all often improvise a bookmark with, say, a train ticket or such? I know I do. And, in fact, you can even dress up such tickets too and use them.

Trim the corners of the cardboard strip with a corner rounding tool, or the old-fashioned way with scissors or a paper knife, if you want to “clean” then up somewhat, but there is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with leaving them with squared corners, as they come.

Lastly, punch a hole in the top and thread it with a matching ribbon, or any kind of ribbon really. Some colored wool or whatever will do too, or just some salvaged threads or such.

And, why not, in actual fact start a trend and make some of those as gifts, as fund raising tools or simply for sale?

© 2009