Do you suffer from BAGNESIA?

By Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Bagnesia is an affliction that strikes many of us every day.

What is bagnesia? It is a a person’s forgetfulness to grab their reusable bags.

The symptoms of this disease are that you often find yourself standing at the register regretting that you left your reusable bags in the car or worse yet, at home.

If you're frequently stricken by bouts of reusable-bag amnesia before you hit the checkout line at the supermarket, you're not alone... Many thousands of people suffer from this on a daily basis. Not the same every time but still...

But, do not despair. There is a cure. It is the bagnesia reminder kit from

The founders of Bagnesia, Pam Eatrides and Caprice Ericson, have identified two key points on your route where these all-too-common lapses in memory are likely occur, namely from your house to your car, and from your car to the store.

Their solution is the handy bagnesia reminder kit – available from their website fo US$17.99 – that will help you kiss "bagnesia" goodbye for good.

Bagnesia’s reminder kit includes…

• Compact Reusable Bag- smaller than most cell phones, designed to easily stow in your purse or glove compartment

• Door Hanger- place it where you typically exit your home so you can remember to put your bags in the car*

• Steering Wheel Wrap- strategically placed at eye level to remind the driver on the go*

• Wrist Lanyard Key Chain- your printed reminder is attached to your keys to remind you as you exit your car before going into the store *

• Carabineer Clip- to conveniently clip your bag onto your belt loop, water bottle or even your key chain

*imprinted with bagnesia’s tag line “Grab your Bags!”™

Longtime friends, Pam Eatrides and Caprice Ericson developed Bagnesia’s Reminder Kit to keep from forgetting their own reusable bags. These products are great for anyone striving to be more environmentally friendly by eliminating plastic bags or paper bags from their life.

People want to be socially responsible. Using even one less plastic or paper bag can make a difference in the future of our world, starting today.

There are other ways too, obviously, how you can overcome bagnesia and that is in that you have a certain bag, such as, say, a small backpack or cinch, that you take with you when you go shopping and where you have your reusable bags in.

I do just that, but then again I shop using a bicycle and use a Bergen backpack to pack the groceries into, using reusable shoppers. They are kept in this pack all the time. So there is no way for me to forget them.

Also, have a couple of small shoppers, such as the cotton ones that are given away at the trade fairs and such nowadays, in you laptop bag or rucksack that you take to work. That way you are never without a bag.

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