Eco-show launches four-city expansion

by Michael Smith

Go Green Expo, a business-to-business and consumer showcase for green living products and services, has announced a four-city tour beginning in January 2009 that will include Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City and Atlanta. The event debuted in New York this year during Earth Week.

"There is no question that the time to act is now," says Bradford Rand, president and CEO of Go Green Expo. "By bringing this forum for showcasing sustainability to multiple cities we hope to encourage and empower more people and businesses to take action for a better planet."

In addition, Go Green Expo has announced the addition of a major sponsor, Perf Go Green, a maker of biodegradable plastics.

The three-day events will showcase Earth-friendly products and services as well as education seminars and panels. Areas of focus include business, electronics, energy conservation, recycling, food, home building and more.

Organizers of Go Green Expo have taken steps to reduce the carbon footprint and amount of waste generated at each event. The show features recycled flooring, compostable and biodegradable wastebasket liners, biodegradable table coverings, recycled signage, biodegradable banners, soy inks and a waste management program that includes donations to local programs.

There remains the one obvious question from an old hack like me and that is: what about the brochures and press packs. I sincerely hope that they are on electronic media such as CDs or better still USB memory sticks.

As someone on the other side of the big puddle I also wonder as to whether some could bring this event, same as the Green Consumer Electronics and Gadget shows, over to this side of the Atlantic, that is to say to the UK.

The way the British in general are towards the environment the reception here should be a good one and the venues certainly are here for it in London.

Go Green Expo has announced the addition of a major sponsor, Perf Go Green, a maker of biodegradable plastics, but what I would like to know what kind of plastic that is. I am sorry to be a skeptic here but I have yet to see proper biodegradable plastic as well as compostable plastic bin liners, for instance. While they work to a degree, after about 12 month in my composters they have still not broken down, as yet. Which does not make me very impressed with it. Hence my skepticism here as regards to biodegradable plastics and such like.

Maybe those manufacturers would like me to test some samples for this publication and try to convince me?

So far, however, I am not convinced that biodegradable plastics work properly. While I have yet to try to compost say flatware made from supposedly biodegradable plastic what I have seen from those bin liners, and in this case especially those intended for use with composting kitchen caddies, I am not impressed.

I find simply using the caddy and occasionally washing it out with dish soap and such beats the bags and is much more cost effective as well.

© M Smith (Veshengro), January 2009