Pedalite Pedals – Revisit 1

I did say that we were going to revisit those pedals from time to time so here is a short interim report:

Having now used the Pedalite pedals for several mornings and evenings in the dark or semi-dark I must say that I am quite impressed (and let me stress that I do not impress easily) with those pedals. Other people also have commented on them rather positively with interest and maybe I should be carrying some kind of information cards on me to give people a link to purchasing them.

The flashes are very bright and powerful while riding and continue for about three to five minutes once pedal movement has ceased, such as when the cycle is in a stationary position.

It would appear – with my review sample set at least – that the white, forward facing LED switches off after about three minutes when stationary while the amber colored one (side) and the red one (rear facing) continue for another one to two minutes.

In addition to that I find that the ride with the Pedalite pedals appear to be smoother underfoot – so to speak – that it has been with the previous set of pedals that I have had one that bike.

Review by M V Smith – October 2007