Garden scissors and their uses

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

What are garden scissors used for and learn how to use scissors in the garden

gardening scissorsGarden scissors vs pruner shears or secateurs

When you mention garden scissors to some people they will counter with “oh, you mean pruning shears” (or they may say secateurs instead, depending where they are from in the English speaking world). But no, that is not what I mean. I mean scissors for use in the garden. While, to some extent, secateurs can be used for the same tasks in the garden as scissors there are many tasks that scissors either do better or can only do properly.

What are garden scissors used for?

OK, as I have said above your secateurs can do a lot of the cutting tasks that (garden) scissors would be employed for as well, such as deadheading, cutting off dead and dying leaves, and harvesting fruit and vegetables, but they will have to be very sharp to do that well. Scissors are much better suited for this task and when it comes to opening seed packets, or bags of compost and such then they will always outperform secateurs by miles.

Garden scissors are not something you would want to use for pruning, however, unless you are trimming and shaping small box trees or such. General pruning is done with bypass secateurs for green material and with anvil secateurs for dead woody matter. Unless you are using Rolcut or Original Loewe, their parent. Those are anvil secateurs that can do both equally well.

How to use scissors in the garden?

Many readers may now wonder as to whether they need spacial garden scissors for use in the garden and the simple and short answer here is a firm no. No, you do not. You can use ordinary common-garden (pardon the pun) plain household scissors though most garden scissors have two equal size blades (in width and design) which is not always the case with ordinary household scissors.

Scissors can be used in the garden to deadhead flowers, remove dead leaves, harvest vegetables, and snip herbs. You definitely cannot beat scissors for cutting seed packets or potting soil bags. Scissors are invaluable when you need to get into the impenetrable packaging, whether of new pairs of secateurs, or whatever, and for many other tasks.

I, personally, would not got as far as using them for edge paths or beds in the garden but I know that some people do that.

As you can see, there are many uses for scissors in the garden, be it those trusty household types of scissors or those that are specifically sold for use in horticulture. Either of will do the job but one thing they should be, ideally, and that is sharp.

If you have an old pair of small to medium household scissors that no longer are the best for use in the home or an old one that you can refurbish – at, ideally, zero cost bar a little penetrating oil and cleaning – then go for and with that. Otherwise you will find Poundland – or Aldi or Lidl at times – having cheap garden scissors for between a Pound and three.

On the other hand car boot sales or charity shops may have a good useable pair of scissors just asking to be used in the garden in the 25p or 50p box which, with a small file and worked in the right way, can be just the ticket for use as a pair of garden scissors.

But, whatever you do a pair or (garden) scissors would be in your armory for your garden. A pair of garden scissors can reach parts other garden tools can not.

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