Charlie Dimmock Multipurpose Garden Scissors – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Poundland Garden Scissors_BlogPart of the new and exclusive Charlie Dimmock range at Poundland  those narrow bladed multipurpose garden scissors are easy and precise to use so are ideal for dead heading, removing dead leaves and stems which in turn means more flowers and less chance of disease on plants.

Garden scissors, or scissors in the garden, are – in my opinion – a must in the garden tool armory. And while secateurs can do some of the tasks, if they are very sharp, others they can not and only a pair of scissors will do the job. For all the uses for scissors in the garden see my article here.

So, now to the review of The Charlie Dimmock Multipurpose Garden Scissors:

Let me start first of all, if I may, with the packaging. Unlike many where the product is welded into the plastic in this case the molded plastic is just attached to the cardboard backing with 3 small staples and thus the plastic and the cardboard can be easily separated for recycling. Already a plus. All too often in order to get into the packaging of many products one requires a can opener or, well, a strong pair of scissors. And then often the paper, card and plastic still cannot be separated, making recycling (almost) impossible.

The blades are sharp, definitely sharp enough, coming out of the box, for all tasks. Unlike, obviously more expensive makes and brands, though many of those are about the same, the blades and handles are not one piece steel but the blades are molded into the plastic handles. Then again they only cost you one Pound Sterling.

One thing to remember though, as regards to garden scissors, they are just that, namely scissors, and are not intended for pruning really, bar, maybe, giving the little box “tree” a haircut, or snipping off Rosemary for use in cooking, for instance. Other woody stuff is to be handles with secateurs.

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