Good-lifers are Nazis

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

185180_512170862129885_525338221_nThat, at least, is the way the neoliberal media, government and organizations that use the guise of being left of the political spectrum, socialist even, to vilify those wishing to live an autarkic, a self-reliant to almost self-sufficient life; one that is autonomous, that is to say not or as little possible dependent on government.

First of let me explain, in this context the term “good-lifer”, which I have just coined for the lack of a better one, and used in the headline. It is meant to be a self-reliant person or group of people, often referred to as self-sufficient. I just prefer to use self-reliant and as there is no noun for it I just made one up.

The neoliberals do not like people not being dependent for everything on the government or the workplace and consumption. Those who which to live differently, either alone, or as a family or a commune, are perceived as a threat and short of hunting them down, rounding them up, and sticking them into government reeducation camps – and I am trying not to give those people ideas, as they have already enough of their own – they go and vilify them by putting them into boxes labeled “Nazi”, “Right-Wing”, and such like. But they don't just stop there but they will also broadcast such stuff about with naming people and groups so as to have others shun them (and also so that others don't get the idea of following their lead).

The neoliberal elite and their media and helpers are very quick to use boxes in which to categorize people according to how they want their subjects to behave and if they don't behave as they “should” then they are labeled as something that is seen by most as abhorrent. This labeling and character assassinations have already cost people their jobs and livelihoods. It is the modern McCarthy inquisition and it even gets some of the communists again too, namely those that can see behind the facade of the fake socialist and left groups and want to have nothing to do with them; they too are Nazis now, obviously.

People deciding to join together to live in eco-villages and -communes, governing themselves – at least in their locality – and grow their own food and do their own things as far as business and work are concerned, they are also put into the same box of, yes, you guessed it, Nazi.

This box is also reserved by the neoliberals for those that refuse to take part in the consumer culture and go different ways, including making (do) and mending, demanding the right to repair, sharing, and much more.

Also into the same box, it would appear, according to those very same people and institutions, belong the new peace movement across Germany (and elsewhere) who are seen as Putinists, and also as Anti-Semites, in the latter case especially for putting the blame for the wars in which the US and allies are involved on the large banks, predominately in the US and the so-called Federal Reserve, a private banking cartel that acts as the state bank for the United States. Or at least some of the speakers at the peace march rallies do.

So anyone and everyone who even mildly disagrees with the aims of those neoliberal elites, organizations and institutions is files away under the term Nazi, and then has his character assassinated and whatever else.

The, as I have called them, good-lifers are becoming a special and particular target for those filers at the present as they are seen as dropouts who seek a life outside the “mainstream” and rebel against all that which is holy to the neoliberals, such as government control, consumerism, the hamster wheel of work to spend so you have to work more to spend more, and so forth.

Many either as individuals, families or groups of individuals or families seek to get away from the rat race and live a simpler life, mostly in rural areas, growing their own food and creating their own work and opportunities of making a living. Often those good-lifers, with the exception of those who seek solitude, like to group together in communes, communities or “settlements” and then they become a real thorn in the side of those neoliberals.

I mean where would the world come to if we all would do our own things and not follow the prescribed buy, buy, buy, work, work, work, hamster wheel line of operation? That just cannot be allowed and short of making it illegal they just brand those people as right-wing and whatever else and thus try to prevent others having anything to do with them for fear of being tarred with the same brush. Ostracization as a weapon to make others conform. And they dare to call the others fascists.

© 2017