The truth about the Monday Demonstrations in East Germany

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

In order to avoid any confusion the Monday Demonstration referred to here are not the Vigils for Peace, that have been coined Monday Demonstrations now as well, but those that happened in East Germany before the “Wall came down”.

Flagge der DDR_webThe Monday Demonstrations in the German Democratic Republic (East Germany) of 1989 and 1990 were not, as always portrayed by the West, about rejoining the two Germanies. Far from it.

The people took to the streets to wake up the leaders of the country and the Politburo that they wanted true Socialism and a true Socialist Democracy and that they wanted an end to what the system had become and and end of the abuses of power and privilege by some. They wanted a truly socialist German Democratic Republic – the great majority at least – not a takeover by the imperialist Federal Republic, though that is what happened in the end.

The majority of the demonstrators truly and honestly wanted more true socialism leading to communism, combined with the freedom to travel, also into capitalist countries and, if they so wished, to be able to leave the country without facing backlash and reprisals if they uttered this wish.

In the West, however, all of this was called an uprising against socialism and communism and for capitalism and “western” democracy, which it was not. But, today even many of the participants of the marches who took part for the mentioned reasons regurgitate the line by the Western propaganda machine that it was an uprising against communism. The majority wanted a reform of the system to true democratic socialism and not a destruction of it.

What they got, however, was an annexation of East Germany by West Germany and an occupation of the German Democratic Republic by West Germany.

The National People's Army (NVA) was ordered to surrender, basically, and ordered to have its small arms destroyed by having armored vehicles of the Bundeswehr roll over them. That is how you treat the army of a nation conquered and occupied.

West Germany did what it would have done – together with the US – had Dulles gotten his way and the Wall and fortified border would not have been built. The plan to overrun the German Democratic Republic and to launch an attack onto the Warsaw Pact was well under way but the Wall, the anti-fascist bulwark, put an end to those endeavors by the West.

All Dulles siblings were involved in the “reconstruction” of Europe – that is the western part of it – after World War Two and Alan Dulles, who was the head of the CIA in those days, was the mastermind behind the various ideas of attacking the German Democratic Republic and with it the entire Warsaw Pact. The plot to have the US Army and the Bundeswehr roll into the GDR in August 1961, which was discovered by scouts of the GDR and hence the building of the wall, was his last nefarious act he could try and run with. A few months later Kennedy sacked him, basically. But, I digressed a little.

What the majority of the East Germans who went onto the streets wanted was a proper version of Socialism and not a unity with West Germany. The movement, however, appears to have been hijacked by fifth columnists who made it appear in the West that the demonstrations were about the people of the East wanting to become part of the West. Nothing could have been further from the mind of the majority who took part in the marches and demonstrations.

The West, however, infiltrated the movement and now makes the Monday Demonstrations out to be something that they were not intended to be by those who began them claiming that the people wanted a reunification with the so-called federal Republic of Germany, commonly then know as West Germany.

The great majority of those East Germans that weekly went to those demonstrations had only one aim in sight and that was the creation of a truly socialist and truly democratic German Democratic Republic; they did not want to become part of the capitalist West Germany, ruled by Washington and anyone claiming it to have been that way is not speaking the truth.

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