Gtech Multi MK2 – Product Review

Review by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Gtech-Multi-Mk2The Gtech Multi is the Gtech AirRam's perfect partner. It takes the attachments from your upright vacuum and puts them right into the palm of your hand. Having said that it does not mean, though, that the attachment that have come with you upright or other vacuum cleaner will, actually, fit the Multi. Just that the attachments for the Multi are those that you are familiar with, in a fashion, from those of your “ordinary” vacuum cleaner. What the Multi does is to give you the versatility to make short work of cleaning those hard to reach places in your home: Stairs, upholstery, curtains and even the car interior.

Using the attachments on a traditional upright or pull-along vacuum can be a real pain in the proverbial. Dragging it round from plug to plug; the hose never seems to reach far enough, not to mention the heavy weight. I have found that even with the metal tubes and attachments there are places that I cannot get into – maybe because of the tubes, considering they are rigid. With the Multi there is no such problem.

In fact, the Gtech Multi has been designed to make all those problems disappear in that it uses the attachments that you are familiar with from your upright vacuum, and combines them with the cleaning performance to complement the AirRam, all rolled into a cordless hand-held vacuum.

The Gtech Multi lightweight hand-held vacuum is specially designed to clean the hard to reach places in your home, with a powerful motor and the high airflow needed to make short work of edges, stairs, upholstery or even the car interior. The Power Brush Head makes clearing pet hair from carpets and upholstery a breeze, as well as taking the hassle away from cleaning the stairs.

The Gtech Multi handheld vacuum cleaner comes armed with a full set of attachments. A crevice tool, dusting brush and flexible hose are all conveniently stowed away in the body of the vacuum. The Power Brush Head tool allows you to make short work of stairs, sofas and car interiors. A separate car cleaning kit is also available.

The Multi’s power comes from a professional-grade 22V Lithium-ion battery. One 4-hour charge delivers up to 20 minutes of cordless vacuum cleaning; a 1-hour charge will deliver a burst of additional run-time. A 4-stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery.

Cordless technology nowadays means that cleaning is no longer limited to the length of a power cord or hose. With a 36cm (14-inch) extension tube and concealed flexible hose, the Gtech Multi hand-held vacuum cleaner gives you the freedom to clean from floor to ceiling and the flexibility to reach into nooks and crannies.

Like the AirRam the Milti MK2 now comes with integrated LED-lights that illuminate the target cleaning area, leaving nowhere for the dirt to hide. This is a real boost when it comes to seeing where the cobwebs and such are hiding and believe me spiders are real good at putting them everywhere. And with the aid of the 36cm (14-inch) extension tube there is no need bend down to clean skirting boards. The Multi comes with a 36cm extension tube.

The only issue, so to speak, that I found using the extension tube is the wobble due to the play that there is in the flexi-hose attachment.

I don't think I have done ever so much cobweb and dust removal than since I have the Gtech Multi MK2. But then it is so handy to just grab it – when you see a target – and do it there and then.

As I never have played around with the predecessor of this Gtech vacuum I cannot compare the two, obviously, but I can but say that the Multi MK2 is a great piece of kit and I don't know how I ever managed without something like that before. Coming to think of it I didn't.

Did I mention that I love the Gtech Multi MK2? Well if I didn't then I mention it now; I do, lots. The spiders in the house hate me for sure now, and the Multi. Many of them, and especially their climbing frames, have ended up in the body of the Multi by now, and some ladybirds, I am to say, also found their way into it after considering to make my home their home for the winter. Dear ladybirds, there is a perfectly good bug hotel outside, please use it; thank you.

Now we come to the important part, and that is the question as to whether the Gtech Multi does what it says on the box. Yes, and yes again. And, as I said before, I don't know how I ever managed the cleaning around the house without the Multi.

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