Dark times – dark times indeed

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

Facebook friends and real friends break off with people because their PC settings warn him or her that someone's website or Blog is right-wing. This happens through a browser add-on that appears to be developed by the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung in Germany to warn about supposedly right-wing sites and those that have right-wing contents, and deal with supposed conspiracy theories. But it also and especially picks out sites and Blogs that do not go along with the neo-liberal thinking of governments in the EU.

Friends, Facebook ones, and others, comment, if they do at all, that it would be automatic character assassination to be seen to associated with someone or with sites and Blogs who or that has been marked as right-wing by such programs and their algorithms.

This is how far we have come. In the same way that anyone who criticizes the Zionist entity in Palestine is automatically called anti-Semitic nowadays anyone who believes things differently as being prescribed by the governments is now blacklisted. Automatic execution by robots even if only in the virtual sense.

What we have arrived at thus is economic sanctions by means of false information acquisition and with that we have arrived at a dictatorship, no ifs and buts, which only those of us notice who stand in the way of such activities.

That particular foundation, the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung, has a knack of listing anyone who and anything that does not conform to the prescribed norm as right wing, as Nazi, as anti-Semitic, and so on and so forth, and thus destroying people that are a thorn in the flesh – to whatever degree – of the neo-liberal establishment.

The Amadeu Antonio Stiftung likes to present itself as an independent foundation and NGO, but nothing could be further from the truth, for on its supervisory board, its board of managers, sit, amongst others, the head of one of the intelligence services of the Germany.

It can only be assumed that that particular “foundation” based in Germany is by no means the only one working in such a way for we can see this unfriending in the virtual and real realm in other countries and places too.

In some cases it may just be that the neo-liberal brainwashing has worked very well amongst some people though they will give the same reasons, that is to say that they fear by being associated with a person who writes certain things on his websites, or just on social media, would be detrimental to their personal lives as well as their “careers”.

Only recently I have had an experience where a Facebook “friend”, a young female who really must be smoking the wrong stuff, was taking issue with me for campaigning, so to speak, against child marriages of migrants to Germany and for me citing the “constitution” and the criminal code. I was called a Nazi, greeted with Heil you-know-who, and told that the law should not be valid in those cases. The brainwashing seems to have worked very well indeed, as indeed those marriages, even if the bride is but 12 or 13, are being considered for validation by the authorities in some federal states of Germany.

We have, it seems, come to a point where right is wrong and wrong is right and were good is evil and evil good. Dark times indeed.

© 2016