The future of the EU

by Michael Smith (Veshengro)

No2EUThere are two scenarios – either in the next couple of years the European Union will become a superstate, a dictatorship, in the form of a United States of Europe, suppressing all individual freedoms and turning into a new kind of feudalism or fascism or there will no longer be a European Union and we will have, for better more than worse, reverted back to individual countries and maybe smaller entities still.

The original idea of a free trade area, called the Common Market, or the European Economic Community, was probably not a bad idea. What it has turned into, however, in the meantime, is a monster of gigantic proportions that no one ever, bar some of those characters behind the scenes, ever envisaged.

Those of us that warned against turning the EEC into the EU were laughed at and called silly and stupid when we suggested that the aim was a European superstate along the lines of a United States of Europe, and were told that even that would be a brilliant idea as it would guarantee peace in Europe and would give us all more freedom and security. Oh, erm, really.

Then came the common currency, first the ECU, which was used only internally in the EU and its agencies, which then turned into the Euro. This common currency, which all states are supposed to introduce sooner or later, is not about being able to freely trade but as a method of controlling the nation states, and here particularly their economies, that make up the EU and especially the Euro Zone.

The European Union is all about control from above, through non-elected appointed elite heads which are not answerable to anyone anywhere bar their political and global masters, where the people are but serfs. There is no democratic process – let's not even for one minute believe that there is democracy in the EU – with regards to the elite that run the EU. The so-called European Parliament is nothing but a farce and a rubber stamping exercise, rubber stamping the laws that are created behind closed doors by unelected lawmakers.

Any kind of participatory democracy, let alone true democracy, is not possible in a nation state let alone a construct such as the EU. Some EU officials have even suggested that, because, I assume, elections and referendums do not bring the results that they want, that party politics, political parties and the elections should be done away with an the EU should have a president and parliament appointed which in turn would appoint the leaders and parliaments in the member states. The neo-liberals really like neo-feudalism.

The way things look at present is that many ordinary people seem to be waking up to the fact that this behemoth of a European superstate is a dangerous thing for our personal and national liberties though the elites of our various countries, including in the UK, are so pro-EU and are talking so much bull dust as to how it benefits everyone that it would be funny and laughable if the issue would not be that serious.

Finland is, according to rumors circulating in the middle of March 2016, considering leaving the Euro. This, theoretically, is not possible as once a country has taken up the Euro it cannot leave. If, however, Finland would insist to do so, and in all honesty if that is the desire of its people and parliament who could stop them, the break up of the Euro zone would begin and more than likely also the break up of the EU proper. And it is not just in the UK and, maybe, Finland that anti-EU sentiments are fermenting, whether among the people or even the governments. It would appear that in other countries voices against the EU are also on the rise.

A total breakup of the EU could not only lead us back to the nation states as we have had them before – and the face of Europe has changed somewhat since – but to a break up into smaller entities even, much like the Middle ages, but for the sake of real true democracy that might not be a bad thing at all.

True democracy cannot function in a nation state, especially not a capitalist one, properly let alone in a construct such as the EU, that is to say a kind of superstate, where even the nations are to be entirely absorbed and nullified. It appears to be the aim of the elite at the top of the European Union, and especially those that agitate behind the scenes, to entirely eliminate any nation and national identity, culture and whatever, and create an entity that will be a stew of cultures all rolled into one, heavily stirred, called European culture. To what end we can but guess.

It is claimed, often, that NATO and the EEC, now EU, have brought peace to Europe and that is why there has not been a war as such again among those countries. Peace was not brought to us by NATO and the EU but, in fact, by the vigilance and work of the socialist countries behind what was called the Iron Curtain.

A break up of the EU would not create insecurity in the field of peace and war nor in the field of the economies but would permit each area, each region, each entity, to create its own relationships with others without the interference of the neo-liberal neo-feudal elites within and behind the EU. Does anyone want to really tell us that without the EU there would be no trade between other nations and entities within Europe and beyond, no cultural exchanges, and that there would be war amongst us all again, and does someone really believe that?

The truth is that all entities, for some may no longer be the nation states that we know today, will be able to work together and must work together, for the mutual benefit. And, in fact, those entities will also be much better for everyone for if they are small enough then real democracy can finally work, ideally on a socialist ticket.

© 2016